Ressources and Downloads

Please find below downloadable resources for the DRIVE project:

Logos and templates


HTS Guidelines

WP1 - Excellence in ERIC operations and management

D1.1 Report on improvements to the access and workflows (Month 12)

D1.2 Handbook and defined user workflows for two new categories of partner sites (Month 46)

D1.3 Report on engagement measures and successes for extension of EU-OS membership (Month 46)

D1.4 Socio-economic impact study and documented refined KPIs (Month 40)

D1.5 Enhanced Business Plan and financial sustainability model based on EU-OS-DRIVE outcomes (Month 40)

WP3 - Demonstration of EU-OPENSCREEN’s integrated screening and medicinal chemistry capacities

D3.1 Report on outcomes of the Screening projects (Month 26)

D3.2 Report on outcomes of the Chemical Optimisation projects (Month 46)

WP4 - Extension of capacities 1: fragment-based screening

D4.1 FBDD chemical evolution consultation service guidelines (Month 12)

D4.2 Publication describing the performance of the fragment library in screening campaigns (Month 40)

WP5 - Extension of capacities 2: chemical proteomics services

D5.1 Mode of action or compound distribution report for compounds from selected projects from phase 1 (responsibility of sites providing access) (Month 24)

D5.2 Mode of action or compound distribution report for compounds from selected projects from phase 2 (responsibility of sites providing access) (Month 48)

WP6 - Improving data utilisation and impact for users

D6.1 Report on existing data transfer procedures and gap analysis (Month 6)

D6.2 Report on implementation of enhanced transfer procedures for data from EU-OS partner sites (Month 46)

D6.3 Report on the translation module for EU-OS screening centers (Month 46)

D6.4 Recommendations for data reproducibility training (Month 36)

D6.5 Data Management Plan (Month 6)

WP7 - Industry engagement

D7.1 Roadmap for industry interactions and establishment of industry involvement in EU-OPENSCREEN's activities (Month 8)

D7.2 Report on the status of co-developed screening technologies (Month 47)

D7.3 Innovation management plan (Month 47)

WP9 - Project Management

D9.1 Management Guidelines (Month 2 delayed to M20)

D9.2 Gender Action Plan (Month 12)

D9.3 Report on scientific publications and dissemination / outreach activities to new communities (Month 47)

D9.4 Report on sustainability aspects and future perspectives for forming major strategic cooperations in the fields of chemical biology and academic drug discovery. Audiences are policy makers and funding bodies (Month 48)

WP10 - Ethics

All deliverables related to Ethics are confidential:

D10.1 HCT – Requirement No. 1

D10.2 A - Requirement No. 2

D10.3 NEC - Requirement No. 3

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