Deliverables for download

WP1 - Excellence in ERIC operations and management

WP2 - Academic Compound Acquisition

WP3 - Demonstration of EU-OPENSCREEN’s integrated screening and medicinal chemistry capacities

WP4 - Extension of capacities 1: fragment-based screening

WP5 - Extension of capacities 2: chemical proteomics services

WP6 - Improving data utilisation and impact for users

WP7 - Industry engagement

WP8 - Training

D8.1 Report on available courses relevant for users and staff of EU-OS

D8.2 Report on newly developed courses organized by EU-OS-DRIVE

D8.3 Report on co-ordination of joined training with other BMS ESFRI projects and establishing new collaborative links

WP9 - Project Management

D9.1 Management Guidelines

D9.2 Gender Action Plan