User Community Forum

EU-OPENSCREEN is a research infrastructure which provides access to technologies, expertise and resources for external scientists. These scientists (users) will be active in different fields of the life sciences, incl. molecular, cell, plant, structural and microbiology; synthetic and medicinal chemistry; pharmacology and early drug discovery. These user communities must be continually and systematically surveyed, so that the ERIC continues to meet the needs and requirements of its growing user base.

For this purpose, we established a ‘User Community Forum’ with high-level representatives who speak for their respective research communities. These experts inform EU-OPENSCREEN about user community needs in terms of technologies and services, and advise on e.g. the integration of new capabilities into the ERIC by providing short periodic recommendation reports.

As the experts represent distinct communities, the consultations of these experts are bilateral discussions, and it is not foreseen that they meet as a group of experts. In order to minimize travel efforts, especially during the covid-19 pandemic, telephone discussion or videoconferences are prioritized over physical face-to-face meetings.



Sonsoles Martin-Santamaria

Associate Professor Sonsoles Martin-Santamaria is a Doctor in Pharmaceutical and Organic Chemistry and the group leader of the Computational Chemical Biology (CCG) group at CSIC (Spanish National research Council) in Madrid.

Her research interests of the CCG group lie at the interface between Chemistry and Biology. She is the Chair of the Board of the EuChemS Division of Chemistry in Life Science. Dr. Martin-Santamaria advises EU-OPENSCREEN on the user needs of compound providers.

Edith Brochu

Edith Brochu is a Project Manager for Strategic Initiatives at the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR), Institute of Infection and Immunity at McMaster University. She is the Project Manager of the Virtual Research Institute (VRI) of the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimocrobial Resistance (JPIAMR) and member of the JPIAMR secretariat.

Dr. Brochu covers the user needs of assay providers on the AMR field.

Matthew Todd

Professor Matthew Todd is the Chair of Drug Discovery of the School of Pharmacy at University College of London (UCL). Prof. Todd has a significant interest in open science, and how it may be used to accelerate research, with particular emphasis on open source discovery of new medicines.

He founded and currently leads the Open Source Malaria (OSM) and Open Source Mycetoma (MycetOS) consortia, and is a founder of a broader Open Source Pharma movement. He is on the Editorial Boards of PLoS One, ChemistryOpen and Nature Scientific Reports. Prof. Todd advises EU-OPENSCREEN on the user needs of assay providers in the field of malaria research.